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Crazy Coffins

The Coffin Works joined forces with the local Ladywood Project and coffin manufacturers Crazy Coffins for an art project under the guidance of artist Sarah Millin. The exhibition ran between 1st August and 23rd October 2015.

Crazy Coffins have been making bespoke and beautiful coffins since 1990 and have made them in the shape of a skateboard, guitar, Rolls Royce and an aeroplane. We are delighted to exhibit a ballet shoe which has been designed by Mrs Pat Cox and a canal boat which seemed fitting given our location next to the Birmingham canal network.

Crazy Coffins make coffins for a whole range of people, young and old who are now thinking about their funeral, how they should make their final journey and how they want to celebrate their own lives.

This theme of celebrating lives inspired our artist-led project where we worked with a group from the Ladywood Project for five weeks to explore how we would want to be represented if we were designing our very own crazy coffins. The exhibition showcased the participants’ favourite pass times, words of wisdom and even their favourite tipple! The exhibition celebrates how unique we all are and how we would like to represented at the time we die. We took our exhibition from the Ghanian funeral tradition.

ladywood project

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Ladywood Project is a well-known and trusted part of the Ladywood Community and is used extensively as a point for advice, support, leisure, friendship and practical signposting.


Working with artist Sarah Millin

Sarah is an artist, illustrator and educator, who uses everyday waste materials as a source of inspiration. She creates inspiring workshops and has guided us through the production of our very own individual crazy coffins.