Remnants & Traces – from the Midlands Textile Forum

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3 February - 24 April 2015
Free admission to Exhibition only. See Newman Brothers Opening Times. There is a charge for factory tours.

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3 FEB – 24 APR 2015

An exhibition from the Midlands Textile Forum


Remnant:  a small remaining quantity; a piece of cloth after the greater part has been used.

Trace:  observe or discover by investigation; a mark or sign that something has existed; copy by drawing over lines; mark out, delineate, sketch; a small quantity.


“Remnants & Traces” charts our personal responses to Newman Brothers Coffin Fitting Factory.  We’ve visited the building pre and post restoration, looked at its history and contents finding interest in small details, observing and noting what remains of the evidence left behind.  We’ve been inspired by memory, the act of remembering, mortality and funerary practices.


There are three “mini” exhibitions:

3-27 February – featuring work by Diana Browne, Sarah Cage, Claire Cooper Walsh and Maggie Hands.

1-27 March – featuring work by Jane Arthur, Ann Paterson, Julie Ring, Ann Brammer and Judith Rowley.

29 March – 24 April – featuring work by Jenny Beasley, Yvonne Flavell, Pat Foster, Marilyn Hall and Brenda Marshall.


Meet the Artist sessions:

Come and meet the featured artists between 10am -12 noon on Saturday 7 February, Saturday 7 March and Saturday 11 April

About the Artists:

The Midlands Textile Forum is a group of Textile Artists who live and work in the middle of England. Our aim is to support and encourage textile activity in the region primarily through exhibitions.  We have held successful exhibitions at the Nicholson Institute, Leek, The Public, West Bromwich, St Martins in the Bullring, Birmingham, Birmingham Botanic Gardens, Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, Forge Mill Needle Museum, Redditch, Nature in Art, Gloucestershire, Aardvark Books, Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire.


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