Fourth Wall Theatre presents Wooden Walls

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Examples of coffin ornaments. RIP, At rest; are some of the different messages.

Saturday November 9th 2019
Performances at 4.30pm and 6.30pm

Fourth Wall Theatre presents

Wooden Walls

When the powerful, prominent and prolific die, some are so concerned about their legacy that they will spend fortunes on the finest funeral. In this brand new theatre experience we explore the public and private lives of the people buried in Newman Brothers. Weaving together obituaries, letters and diaries we illuminate new perspectives of these very public figures.

Newman Brothers at the Coffin Works didn’t always run under a patriarchy – some very strong willed women were at the (not-so-beating) heart of this morbid enterprise. Let us show you the underground rise to power of Joyce Green and women she ran the factory with.

Our young actors have been on a trail of discovery and are excited to share their work in a authentic heritage space.

Tickets are £10, available through ArtTickets.

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