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  • Heritage Trust Network A future for all our pasts

A future for all our pasts
Helping our members save the UK’s heritage assets.

Heritage Trust Network is a membership organisation run by people who have delivered amazing heritage projects against all the odds. Our mission is to help others do the same.
We operate throughout the United Kingdom, drawing together and supporting the work of local heritage groups, whether constituted as building preservation trusts, community trusts or social enterprises.

Heritage Trust Network, predominantly run by professional volunteers, provides an invaluable platform for members by way of peer-to-peer support, knowledge sharing and skills development. Our guidance and advice helps groups throughout the lifetime of their project from start up to post completion. Just as importantly, Heritage Trust Network also gives this extraordinary grassroots movement a united voice, representing their views to government and funding bodies.

Registered Charity (No 1167662)

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Phone: 0121 233 9283
Email: admin@heritagetrustnetwork.org.uk

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