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Miss Sylvia Sceptre Presents The Library of Eerie Tales

Saturday 25th February, 6.30pm

Sylvia Sceptre presents an evening of eerie magic and the macabre. Step into the shadows this Halloween and experience an evening of unearthly delights. Madame Sceptre’s macabre show of magic and mystery will bring a shiver to your spine and a frisson of the absurd to Halloween as the night draws in. Madame Sceptre is a character created from  Victorian Spiritualism. She immerses audiences in the world of Victorian occultism and witchcraft. Expect magic, mirth and hauntology.

The show is devised and performed by Careena Fenton-Cullen. Careena is researching towards a doctorate in Victorian Spiritualism, Witchcraft and Performance Magic. She has been a performer for many years and is a member of The Magic Circle.



There will be one performance at 6.30pm.

Tickets are £18 per person. Pre-booking is required so click here to get your tickets now.


Timeless Elegant and Beautifully Victorian” Reese Shearsmith.

An intriguing experience to remember” Threeweeks


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