Murder by Gaslight

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  • Don't Go Into The Cellar present Murder by Gaslight 'An Evening with Dr. Palmer and Dr. Crippen'
  • The Witching Hour, Tales of Unease by MR James flyer. Tagline: The dead are not always grateful

Sunday 29th October at 4.30pm

Just in time for Halloween, a collaboration with the Don’t Go Into The Cellar theatre company, to bring you a dose of Victorian theatre with bite, made all the more atmospheric by use of The Coffin Works as a performance space.

A ghoulish audience with two of the most infamous poisoners in British history – William Palmer and Harvey Crippen. We invite you to encounter these murderous men of medicine as the diabolical doctors regale you with their case histories, and invite you to judge for yourselves whether they were in fact, guilty as charged!

Murder by Gaslight is an interactive show featuring quick costume changes and multi character playing…with lashings of black humour!

Tickets are  £8.50 and are available through Eventbrite.

Please be aware that this performance is NOT SUITABLE for children under the age of 12, due to the subject matter.

This performance will take place at the Coffin Works, in one of its heritage spaces. It’s advisable to wear coats as rooms can be chilly. No food or drink allowed.
Tickets are non-refundable.

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