Remembering James Watt; death and memorials in Georgian Birmingham

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Saturday 15th June at 11am
Part of the celebrations for the James Watt 2019 Bicentenary Year.

In this illustrated talk, Josie Wall will look at James Watt, his death, and the memorials erected to him in Birmingham and beyond. Particular attention will be paid to the ‘Cathedral of the Industrial Revolution’; St Mary’s church in Handsworth where James Watt is buried along with Matthew Boulton and William Murdoch. The talk will also cover the wider topic of burial in Birmingham, which was on the cusp of huge change when Watt died, thanks mostly to the industrial revolution he had been so instrumental in powering.

Josie Wall is currently writing her PhD thesis about the development of Victorian cemeteries, and applies her extensive knowledge of funerary customs and traditions in her role as Operations and Volunteer Assistant at the Coffin Works.

Tickets £5 each, available now through Art Tickets.

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