Second City Executions talk and Candlelit Tour

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Thursday 24th January 2019 at 6.30 – 8.30pm

Spend a spine-tingling evening at the Coffin Works, where the chills won’t just be from winter weather!
Take part in an atmospheric candlelit tour of the Coffin Works Factory opened by the Newman Brothers in 1894 to produce coffin fittings. Renowned for the quality of their goods, the fittings were perfect for dignitaries and royalty.
The tour will be followed by an illustrated talk about Second City Executions!

In the 19th century Birmingham grew from a small town with a population of less than 70 thousand and an expanding metal bashing industry to a city of in excess of half a million souls. Rapid population growth goes hand in hand with a rise in crime. Over a hundred years ago felons often found themselves staring at the hangman’s noose for a wide variety of crimes, the tales of which are often as unusual as they are tragic. David and Pam Humphries are volunteers at the Coffin Works in Birmingham and have bought together a variety of such tales to introduce you to the characters involved.

The talk will last 45 minutes, plus time for refreshments and the ticket price includes tea/coffee and biscuits. Please be aware that this talk is NOT SUITABLE for visitors under the age of 16, due to the subject matter.

Please be aware that light levels will be lower than for a normal tour, take extra care when moving around the museum. Dress warmly as the museum may be cold!

Tickets are £12 click here to book.
Please email or call 0121 233 4790 for more information.

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    Would love 2 tickets please

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