The Big Draw Family Event

Thursday 29th October 2.00-3.15 FREE

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This year the Coffin Works are delighted to be taking part in the world biggest drawing festival – The Big Draw –  and this year the theme is ‘Every Drawing tells a Story.’

THURSDAY 30 OCTOBER, 2.00 – 3.15 pm


We believe that the Newman Brothers Factory and the fantastic people that have worked here through the years provide an excellent starting point for any drawing project.

Why not come along and listen to the recorded histories of people that worked here, describing the smells, sounds and atmosphere of the factory while it was still working.

Hear about the dangers of working in the Stamp Room and gory stories that the experienced workers would tell the apprentice.

Find out about the inspirational ladies that worked in the factory and how one of them went on to play a very important part in the history of the company; and hear about the adventures that the travelling salesmen had while doing their job.

The stories and drawings will help to bring the factory back to life.

Why not joint us after the event for a family tour at 3.30?

Normal admission charges apply for factory tours.

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