Coffin Works

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Pre-Conservation & Transformation Gallery

Photographing the factory with its leaky roofs, cobbled courtyard and broken window panes was both important to document the semi-derelict factory that Newman Brothers had become, but also to capture the beauty that photographers could find within the small details.

Below are some galleries of some photographers who visited the factory pre-conservation works:

Inner beauty

Photographer Debbie Underhill from TipTop Photography:

Photographer Malcolm McMillan:

Photographer Luke Horton (his copyright):

Capturing the Transformation

We asked volunteers Malcolm McMillan (MM) and Jane Baker (JB) to help us capture the rooms as they transformed during the conservation works. A huge thank you for their efforts in helping us document change within the factory, especially in the rooms that no longer are accessible to the public. Their photos are combined in the galleries below with photographs taken by Suzanne Carter, ex-Development Officer for the Trust.

The Courtyard

The Vacuum Coating Shop

The Electroplating Shop

The Polishing Shop

The Casket Assembly Shop

The Piercing Shop

The Gallery

The Meeting Room


Also, do visit Andy Garbi’s on-line Shadows & Dust pages. Andy used images from the factory pre-conservation and turned them into a STUNNING audio-visual artwork.