Coffin Works

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Volunteer information – the small print


Volunteer Policy

Volunteering is important to Birmingham Conservation Trust’s work.  This statement is designed to demonstrate our commitment to volunteering and individual volunteers, ensuring all volunteers are treated consistently, equally and fairly.  We believe we can achieve more with volunteers. We value and appreciate the full worth of all volunteers.

You are whoever you are – Birmingham Conservation Trust is committed to equal opportunities.

As a volunteer you can expect that…

Birmingham Conservation Trust expects volunteers to:


Birmingham Conservation Trust reserves the right to withdraw an offer of volunteering if the above criteria are not fulfilled or if the conduct of a volunteer negatively affects other volunteers or staff.

 For the avoidance of doubt volunteers are not employees or members of staff and it is not intended that they should be.


Claiming back your ‘out of pocket’ expenses 

You will be entitled to claim back travel expenses to and from the place of volunteering. This includes mileage. The maximum rate per day is £5, including parking (please submit receipts or tickets).

Claiming other ‘out of pocket’ expenses need to be agreed in advance with Coffin Works’ staff and you will need to keep a receipt for your claim.