Death Café in partnership with Brum Yodo

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The Coffin Works will be hosting a Death Café in partnership with Brum Yodo during Dying Matters Week on Thursday 9th May. For those new to this, a Death Café is a safe space where people, often strangers, come together to eat cake, drink tea and openly discuss all things about death and dying. It is not a grief support or counselling session; the aim of the café is simply to give people the opportunity to increase their awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their lives. There is no agenda, no cost, no selling of products, just the opportunity to have frank and open conversations with other like minded people.

This is a free event and includes a taster tour of our courtyard and Stamp Shop, which will last approximately 20 minutes. As part of your ticket to our Death Café, we will be serving fresh cake and refreshments.

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