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The project launched on Wednesday 1st May and the deadline for submissions will be Saturday 31st August. The submission link is now live via Google Forms here. You can submit your work at any point from 1st May up until 31st August.

The online exhibition will then launch on our birthday, Monday 28th October 2024.

About this event

We are launching a very exciting project and we want your help! To celebrate the museum’s tenth birthday this year, we are going to build a portfolio of creative responses to the Coffin Works. To capture the essence of the museum, we want to build an online “Exhibition”, celebrating creativity and the Coffin Works hand-in-hand to illustrate how it has connected with the people of Birmingham and beyond since its opening.

Time capsules are the tradition of capturing that particular moment in time and about leaving a lasting legacy. The Coffin Works is a time capsule museum, a moment frozen in time. Almost everything was left as if at the end of an ordinary working day. It captures Birmingham’s industrial past and celebrates the working class stories at the heart of that history.

What we hear time and time again is that it’s the feeling of nostalgia, of stepping back in time that people connect with as they come through our museum. Seeing the Shroud Room filled with 1960’s cups and saucers on the tea station; the clocking-in machine in our shop; or the typewriters in the Managers’ Office. It’s these feelings we want you to embrace and to express in the most creative way you like.
Using our wonderful museum, the building, its unique objects, the stories of its workers etc., as inspiration, we are encouraging anyone and everyone to send us your interpretation of the Coffin Works. What it means to you. What you feel when you hear the name, or visit the site.

So, this is a call out to all creatives: artists, graphic designers, film makers, poets, writers, photographers, bakers, chocolatiers, actors, dancers, musicians, animators, jewellers, fashion designers, crafters and so many more! Whether you are a creative by trade or just have a passion for creativity, all ages and abilities are welcome to join in with the project! Please send us your depictions and interpretations of what the Coffin Works inspires in you. We’re open to anything and anyone, you do you and help us celebrate the past decade together, as a community. Help us create our own lasting piece of Coffin Works’ history.

The nitty gritty:
– We will release a link once the project goes live for submitting your work in whatever format that may be (JPEG, PDF, MP3, WAV etc.). Please note, we may get in touch to arrange to see the original for photographing on site.
– We will credit your work if you wish to be known, however you can also submit things anonymously if you would prefer.
– We will then collate all your amazing pieces into one online interactive PDF ‘Exhibition’ which will then be launched FREE via our website and social media channels on our 10th Birthday, 28th October 2024!
– We will endeavour to include every submission in the portfolio, but the final proof lies at the Coffin Works discretion.
– Please be aware that this project is purely recreational. Any work received will be credited to the creator, if known. However, the rights to any work submitted to the project, will then belong to the Coffin Works who can use and share it at their discretion. There will be no direct financial benefit to either the creator or the Coffin Works from work submitted. This is simply a chance to express yourselves and connect with others who share your passion for creativity.

Feel free to use our website and social media for inspiration:

The Creative Works project is just one way we are going to celebrate our 10th year! Stay tuned for more information for events in October.

We are very excited that this event is included in the City-wide project #100daysofcreativity to celebrate and collaborate our creativity as city. Find our more info here:


Our Submission Form is now live on Google Forms! Please follow the link below to submit your piece. If you struggle to submit via the Form, or have any questions at all, do just get in touch on or 0121 233 4785.




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