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John Part & Co. Ltd Document


In November 1954 John Part and his wife began trading as John Part & Co. Ltd., manufacturers of and dealers in coffin furniture specialising in coffins. They were based at Newman Brothers between 1954 and 1956 where they rented a workshop and office at the manufactory. From our records, we know they paid £3 rent per week. However, by 30th September 1955 the rent for the workshop and office was in arrears. By 28th March 1956 John Part Ltd owed £105 in rent.

We also know that John Part became a shareholder at Newman Brothers on Horace Newman’s death in 1952. John Part was also chairman of Newman Brothers in 1954.

For Newman Brothers’ this collaboration with a trusted director and another company that specialised in products they themselves didn’t manufacture may have been attempt by to expand their product range. Presumably to become a ‘one-stop shop’ in a time when the funerary market was more difficult to dominate.

John Part & Co. Ltd ceased trading in 1956 and went into voluntary liquidation, with a total deficit of £1,421 (the equivalent of £34,000 today).

John Part had been a managing director at another company called Parts Patent Shroud and Frilling Company based on Tilligham Street in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. This was a business he ran with his mother and two sisters who were also directors within the company. Newman Brothers had been purchasing shrouds, frillings and other materials from the company prior to the John Part founding John Part and Co. Ltd.

By 1957 Parts Patent Shroud and Frilling Company went into voluntary liquidation having a deficit of £19,214. Between 1947 and 1957, John Part received a total of £24,947 in salary, directors’ fees and commission.

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