Gateway Object: Photo – Trade Show Stand

Black and white photo of Newman Brothers trade show stand


Exhibiting at trade shows was one of the ways Newman Brothers promoted their products. Perhaps the most important show was the annual exhibition of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). This was where suppliers to the trade showed off their wares – coffins, coffin fittings, hearses, memorial cards, embalming fluids, artificial wreaths and much more. The Newman Brothers’ trade stand at the 1951 N.A.F.D.  exhibition in Blackpool displayed three coffins and a casket, each with a distinct style of fittings, such as ‘The Hereford’ or ‘The Beresford’. No fewer than 16 display panels showcased the handles, back plates, crucifixes, breastplates and other fittings produced by “The House of Newman”.

In 1951, they exhibited at three trade exhibitions including the National Association of Funeral Directors where they the space they rented cost for £35 1s. At the NAFD Blackpool Exhibition their space cost £70 2s, and at the NAFD Belfast Exhibition it cost £26 19s.

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