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Coffin Works’ ’10FOR10′ Campaign

The award-winning Coffin Works will be 10 years old on 28th October. We’ve achieved so much in that time and built something special, including our wonderful team of volunteers and now we’re looking to mark the past decade by launching our ‘10 for 10’ campaign.

To mark our 10th-birthday celebrations, we’re looking for people to donate £10 to celebrate our 10 years and in return we will reward you with a limited-edition Coffin Works’ badge as a token of our appreciation.

If we’ve learned anything over the past 10 years it’s that resilience counts for everything; it’s the bedrock of our organisation and that is why we are launching this campaign to raise money that will be fed directly back into the museum to make it even stronger.

Your donation will go towards our ‘rainy day fund’ which will pay for those unexpected costs that otherwise mean that we can’t function. This includes everything from repairing boilers, to fixing a lift to a leaky toilet, all of which have broken over the last two years. This industry really is glamourous, isn’t it? It’s definitely expensive, as that job lot has cost us £10,000!

In return, you’ll receive a limited-edition ‘Made on the Canal Badge’ designed and manufactured exclusively for this one-off campaign.

You’ll also be making a huge impact to our resilience going forward and playing a part in supporting our little independent museum. We don’t receive any core or regular funding, so everything we make is through the sheer hard work of the Coffin Works’ team, who are motivated by the difference we know our museum makes.

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