Use the images, sounds and descriptions below to inspire your creative stories about the Newman Brothers’ factory and collection.

In which room of the factory is your story set? What year does it take place? Who are your characters? What jobs do they do? What machinery do they use? What are they making? What does the room smell like, and what can you hear? What incidents shape the action?

How does YOUR story unfold…

Where does your story take place?

The Stamp Room

The Shroud Room

The Warehouse

The Office

The Courtyard

The Polishing Shop

The Casting Shop

The Electroplating Shop

Who does your story involve?

Joyce Green

Worked her way up from Secretary to sole owner. Worked at Newman Bros. for 50 years. Retired age 68.

Dai Davies

Travelling Salesman and Company Director. Worked at Newman Bros. for over 30 years. Retired aged 81.

Dolly Dunsby

Works Manager. Worked at Newman Bros. for 60 years. Retired aged 75.

Horace Newman

Director (inherited the business from his father). Worked at Newman Bros. for over 50 years. Died aged 67.

Mrs Wassal

Warehouse Worker. Worked at Newman Bros. for 25 years.

Donald Webber

Polisher. Worked at Newman Bros. for 44 years. Retired aged 70+.

What objects are included in your story?

What machinery or equipment might be used in your story?

Electoplating baths

Drop stamps

Clocking-in machine

Fly press


Sewing machine

Crimping machine


What might you hear in the factory? Here are some sounds to inspire you

Take a 360 degree tour around The Stamp Room and The Shroud Room