Women made up half of the workforce at Newman Brothers and operated in key managerial roles.

Vital role of women

Find out about some of the key characters who really did make a difference and discover how pay, pension rights, and tea breaks had an impact on the workforce.

Women formed an important part of the Newman Brothers’ workforce, performing a number of vital roles, but they were only employed in what was classed as ‘unskilled’ jobs, as opposed to their male counterparts. Nevertheless, being a woman at Newman Brothers didn’t appear to be a barrier to success and climbing the ladder, so to speak. After all, Newman Brothers was run by a woman from the late 1970s onwards until its closure in 1998.

In the earliest days of the factory, women at Newman Brothers would have been employed for fly-pressing and polishing. Later, in 1914, the company advertised for seamstresses, a role which had been very typical of working class women’s work since the early industrial revolution.

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