Birmingham or Brummagem?

A Poem by Stephen Whyte

Throughout the centuries Birmingham has been written many a way
Since it was a settlement on the River Rea…
Originating times of the Anglo-Saxon,
It was a neighbour to Estone… Aston.
Brem?… Beorma… ingas… ham clan
Sounds confusing to woman and man!
Leader Beorma, ingas… descendants, ham… home
May sound confusing as villagers roamed…
Gradually it settled in the Domesday Book..
Bermingeham if you care for a look…
It altered again to Bremingeham… Peter, Lord of the Manor…
More and more changes to Birmingham’s Banner!
Many variants of the next few hundred years…
I’m sure manuscript writers were almost in tears!
Finally in 1700 it was settled at last
Birmingham’s name was nailed to the mast!
Bromicham the dialect, or was it Brummagem?
The accent of Brummies living in our Brum!
Soft vowels that roll off the tongue
Proof that in Birmingham you belong!
More information has come to light
An historical curiosity for your delight!
Printed in 1880 showing so many ways
Burmegum, Brumicham, Burningham spelt back in the days
Brymyham, Brumigam, Birmygam add to to the Birmingham lake..
Brimisham, Burmedgeham? surely a spelling mistake!
I could add more… will these do?
Brummingsham to add to the queue!
In fact to be truth I cannot go on…
In total there is one hundred and forty one!
Let’s keep with the spelling and Peaky Blinders speak…
Birmingham and us Brummies any day of the week!


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