A man with grey moustache and beard wearing Father Christmas clothing looks down at the viewer, he holds a mask in front of his face and is lit from below which gives a spooky feel.

A Poem of a Review! Ghost Stories For Christmas

Ghost Stories for Christmas tour posterWhat a Joy, what a pleasure, a wonderful treat

to visit the Coffin Works on old Brum’s Fleet Street

Newman Brother’s factory, the place to be

Ghost Stories for Christmas I wanted to see

Don’t Go in the Cellar, a great ‘the-at-re’ show in the dark

as we watched enthralled…they provided the spark!

On a cold night in December we were so entertained

with such exquisite drama, we never noticed the rain

the audiences spellbound with each ghostly tale..

with characters so real, the fear did not fail..

the bumps and the creaks caused us all quite a fright

as each story unfolded in the evening twilight

Interspersed with much humour, the audience laughed,

continuing superbly into the second half!

With a change of a hat, came change of voice,

the journey we took without any choice,

before we all knew it-the drama complete,

in the  factory surroundings off Newhall Street,

Victorian drama that so passed the test,

Ghost Stories for Christmas, Simply the Best!!


Steve Whyte, Volunteer

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